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de la salle faculty member christopher miller has article published on religions journal website

concord, calif. (november 2, 2020) – christopher miller, a de la salle high school religious studies faculty member, is excited to announce that an academic article he has been working on for the past year, related to the impact of the sex abuse crisis on relational youth ministry, was published on monday, november 2 on the prestigious religions journal website.

“while there has been a lot of research and writing on the broader implications of the sexual abuse crisis in the us in the past 18 years, to date there has been no research examining the impact of the crisis on catholic youth ministry,” said miller.

the article written by miller can be accessed by clicking here, and is part of a special religions journal issue on catholic youth and young adult ministry. the full article can be accessed by clicking here.

miller added, “unfortunately, the negative impacts of the crisis has greatly influenced youth ministry wide and far, including my own. nevertheless, i am honored to be able to contribute to the topic and sincerely hope my article will act as a catalyst for future researchers and writers to explore the topic in greater detail and depth.”

miller also wanted to take this opportunity to thank individuals and organizations who assisted him in completing this project, including: dr. tom plante at santa clara university, deacon bernie nojadera at the usccb, paul jarzembowski at the usccb, stephen morris in the diocese of santa rosa, dr. charlotte mccorquodale of ministry training source, christina lamas and staff at the nfcym including michelle duffey, and dr. bob mccarty.

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